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Felber Twins Impressively Quick at Austin F1 Circuit

March 18, 2024


JENSEN F4 race team continued it's intensive young driver development program making six consecutive test days with five different drivers at three different circuits in Texas. One of the highlights of the full week of testing was the impressive performance of full season drivers Cash and Roman Felber during their two test days at the Austin F1 circuit.

Cash Felber was consistently in the 2:17 time bracket driving one of the JENSEN team's Ligier F4 US Championship spec race cars. Twin brother Roman set similarly competitive lap times, which shows very well the progress being made with the two young pilots.

Screenshot above is the computer data generated by Cash Felber during one of his fast laps driving the F4 race car at Circuit of the Americas, which is an excellent illustration showing the impressive progress that he has made during his young driver development program .

Screenshot shows four data channels. Top trace is lateral G, which shows both steering input as well as how much of the tire's grip potential that a driver is using. Middle trace shows throttle application. Bottom trace shows both brake pressure ( white ) and gearing ( yellow )

First key takeaway is how consistent are each of the traces throughout the full lap. There is nothing random about any of Cash' application of brake / throttle / steering / gearing. This shows well two things; first Cash understands the science behind how to make fast lap times, and second Cash is able to repeatedly make correct decisions with how to utilize his hands and feet at each corner over a full lap.

Above trace shows an expanded view of Cash Felber's computer data on a fast lap at Circuit of the Americas with focus on the hard braking turns 11 and 12.

Correct brake application is the most difficult thing for young race car drivers to learn, and is also the most important thing to master in order to make competitive lap times. Note the unique shape of Cash' brake trace. First note the scaling on the left that shows Cash is using roughly 1,400 PSI initial braking force ( which is very good ) and then how Cash quickly reduces his braking force to 800 PSI. The repeatability of this brake trace shape shows significant understanding of the physics, math, vehicle dynamics and tire performance to drive F4 race cars at a competitive level.

Then also note how Cash makes his downshifts after the brake zone ends, and as he rolls through the corner apex. This is also hallmark of a fast formula car driver, understanding the various ways to slow a race car and applying the strategy that best applies to the race car that he is driving.

Felber twins Cash and Roman return to action racing their familiar Miami Blue JENSEN F4 race cars at Homestead Miami Speedway in late March for round two of the FARA Formula Championship.

FARA Formula race series is comprised of six race weekends taking place at the Florida road courses Sebring Raceway and Homestead Miami Speedway. Ligier JS F4 is the specification race car for the championship, which provides an ideal balance of performance and driver safety for training young race car drivers.

For more information and to see photos of Cash Felber and Roman Felber in action, visit their website FLBR Motorsport or their Instagram page @flbrraceteam

For more information about JENSEN young driver development programs, contact Eric Jensen via email at

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