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Jensen Global Advisors has special programs for influencers and celebrities to attend exclusive driving events where they can create appealing content to utilize on their social channels.

Ligier F4 is the race car that influencers may drive, which is the first level car used to develop Formula One drivers. Driving is encouraged since it can make for exceptional social media content.

Advertiser logos can be integrated in photos and videos to create appealing branded content, such as this video series we produced with Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas at Las Vegas Speedway.

Jensen Global Advisors has a fun history with teaching Hollywood celebrities how to become professional race car drivers -- and to enjoy driving sports cars.

One famous case was our 2-year program with actor Frankie Muniz, who starred in the television show "Malcolm in the Middle" 


Frankie started with our 3 day camp and progressed to race Formula BMW and ChampCar Atlantic. Click below to hear Frankie's account of his development as a race car driver.

For information about our programs for influencers and celebrities,  

 contact Jensen Global Advisors via email at

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