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Building a career as a professional race car driver is a challenging process. Every year thousands of young drivers around the world are competing at the karting and car racing levels, most all aspiring to one day become a Formula One driver.


Two common reasons why select young drivers ultimately achieve success at the professional level include : 

First, few people are developing young drivers at a world class standard - so working with the best people substantially increases your chance to succeed.

Second, aspiring young drivers need practice - so it's critical to develop a young driver's talents within a program that provides opportunities to regularly drive competitive race cars at a variety of circuits.


Jensen Global Advisors is a specialist in the development of professional race car drivers, providing the key building blocks for the three first levels in a young driver's development including :

Step 1 :  Racing Camp

Step 2 :  F4 US Championship Team

Step 3 :  Formula Regional Americas Team

Visit the above links for more information about our race competition and driver development programs.

Or email us at to discuss a customized driver development program..

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