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Eric Jensen

Business Development & Management

Eric has created and crafted many notable programs in the racing industry.such as for the Ferrari F1 team, crafting an industry changing business model with media company Viacom (MTV), among many assignments. The foundation of Jensen's success in structuring and closing business deals is understanding the market opportunity of new business models, how to bring the best parties together, then finally how to close and bring those deals to life. 

Driver Development & Management

Eric Jensen has became one of the world's most successful race car driver coaches, having trained and developed the careers of roughly 200 drivers including Lance Stroll who is currently racing in Formula 1. Eric has trained and developed four drivers currently racing in the IndyCar championship. He has also owned and operated teams at many levels, and is renowned for sourcing and activating deals with well known brands to sponsor race car drivers including deals with Westin and Sheraton Hotels, Sony PlayStation, Colgate-Palmolive, Columbia TriStar Motion Pictures, among many others.

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