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Washington Hometown Race Debut for Everett Stack

August 6, 2023


After a busy summer of testing and racing at circuits across the United States, Everett Stack will make his race debut driving the Formula 3 car at his Washington D.C. hometown circuit on the weekend August 19th and 20th.

Formula 3 is the second step on the driver development ladder for the hugely popular Formula One World Championship. During the 2023 race season, 16 year old Stack has been a racing in the first step of the ladder in the F4 US Championship making impressive performance gains to merit his graduation to Formula 3 race competition.

Video above is riding onboard with Everett Stack driving his F4 US Championship Series race car at New Jersey Motorsports Park.

Formula 3 race cars provide a significantly enhanced challenge for young drivers . Capable of reaching speeds in excess of 155 mph, young drivers learn quickly how to manage throttle application dealing with the torque of the 303 horsepower turbo-charged Honda engine. Ligier F3 cars also feature considerably more aerodynamic grip, so young drivers learn to adjust their braking inputs and carry significantly more corner entry speed.

JENSEN team owner Eric Jensen commented, "Our specialty in the racing industry is developing next-generation professional race car drivers. Everett has been in our development program for just eight months, and he perpetually excels at each new challenge presented to him. We tested at the Washington circuit ( Summit Point ) in late July and Everett was immediately setting pole competitive lap times. So the timing seems ideal for Everett to graduate to F3 competition."

For more information about Everett Stack and Jensen driver development programs, contact Eric Jensen via email at

For more information about the Formula Regional Americas Championship visit the series website

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