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Luca Baldisserri Assumes Technical Director Role

November 22, 2019



Veteran Formula One engineer and driver development specialist Luca Baldisserri confirmed his role of Technical Director for the Jensen Global Advisors teams that will be competing in the F3 Americas Championship Powered by Honda and Formula 4 United States Championship Powered by Honda during the 2020 race season.

“I have enjoyed a long and successful career in both Formula 1 and with developing next generation F1 stars,” said Baldisserri. “Eric Jensen and I have been good friends for many years, and I have always enjoyed the spirit of American racing. So I am excited for the year ahead competing with a crop of talented young drivers and the challenge of engineering on many new circuits.”

Baldisserri worked for the Ferrari F1 team for 27 years, during which time he won eight world championships. Baldisserri managed race strategy and race engineering for Michael Schumacher during his historic run winning five straight driver championships from 2000-2004. Baldisserri then advanced to the role of Team Manager when Ferrari won the F1 World Championship during the 2007 season with his driver Kimi Raikkonen.

In winter 2010, Baldisserri founded the Ferrari Driver Academy young driver development program in order to develop future Ferrari F1 team drivers in-house. Lance Stroll was the first FDA driver to join the F1 grid full-time in 2017 followed by Charles Leclerc. who in his second F1 season is now competing full-time for Ferrari.

Throughout his career, Baldisserri gained extensive knowledge with how to develop young drivers on every step to become F1 drivers. During his early years managing the Ferrari Driver Academy, Baldisserri also took on the role as Technical Director for the successful European junior team Prema Racing, during which time he won many championships at the F4 and F3 levels.

Baldisserri will also have availability throughout the 2020 racing season to meet with young drivers and their parents who are interested to receive counsel regarding the most important developmental steps to take in order to advance to a career as a Formula One driver. 

For more details about Luca Baldisserri and Jensen Global Advisors driver development programs, visit or contact us via email at

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