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Jensen 2022 University Engineering Internships

November 28, 2021


Jensen Global Advisors invites university students who have an interest to pursue a career in the professional car racing industry, and who are enrolled in engineering programs to apply for our two internship positions during the 2022 racing season.

Jensen Global Advisors is a leader in the development of professional race car drivers, having developed more than 200 young drivers and also setting up the successful young driver development program for the Ferrari Formula One racing team.

Our race team operations provide an excellent opportunity for select young candidates to receive practical experience and to learn about the various roles available for engineers in professional car racing. We will ideally have two young candidates join our race team program for the 2022 season, which will include competing in Formula Regional Americas and F4 US Championship

During the 2021 racing season, six young engineers from universities across North America took advantage of our young engineer internships. Carson Trpik and Shreyas Raman in the photo above, as well as Blair Bean in the photo below were three regular team members.

Blair Bean is a 4th year mechanical engineering student at the University of Pittsburgh, and played an active role on the team including acting as a lead mechanic as well as car set-up engineering. Carson Trpik is a 4th year aeronautical engineering student at the University of Illinois, and played an active role in driver data and video analysis. Shreyas Raman is a 4th year electrical engineering student at Yale University, and played an active role in race car engineering and car setup.

Interested candidates should submit their resumes with a cover letter by by email to

For more details about Jensen Global Advisors and our young driver development programs, visit or visit us on Instagram @F1Jensen

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