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Matteo Nannini Wins F4 UAE Championship

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

February 3, 2019


15 year old Italian driver Matteo Nannini has won the F4 UAE championship with races at the Dubai Autodrome and the Yas Marina F1 circuit in Abu Dhabi.

Under the tutelage of Luca Baldisserri, Matteo scored three race wins and six podiums out of the first eight races in the F4 UAE championship.

Matteo is the son of former race car driver Alessandro Nannini who raced in Formula One for five seasons during the period 1986 through 1990. Nannini finished 6th in the 1989 F1 championship with one famous win at Japan, racing against F1 legends Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna.

Luca Baldisserri has a long history with developing next generation professional race car drivers including current F1 driver Lance Stroll, and the F4 UAE championship is with view to preparing Matteo Nannini for his summer competition in the F4 Italian Championship.

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