Building a career as a professional race car driver is easier than ever.

First, few people are developing young drivers at a world class standard - so working with the best people substantially increases your chance to succeed.


Second, advertisers will buy branded content to post on social media channels thus raising sponsorship is simple.


Jensen Global Advisors is one of the best options to develop young race car drivers - and to manage drivers with winning resumes to achieve professional careers.

Eric Jensen specializes in training drivers ages 12-16, and has developed more than 200 drivers with many racing in Formula 1, IndyCar, and sports cars.


Luca Baldisserri is one of the world’s best race engineers, having won eight (8) Formula 1 championships during his 27 year career with the Ferrari F1 team.


Stefan Johansson is one of the world’s best driver managers with clients including Scott Dixon who is a 5-time IndyCar Champion, and his recently signed Ganassi team-mate Felix Rosenqvist.


Jensen and Baldisserri also created the Ferrari Driver Academy to train drivers “in-house” for the Ferrari F1 team, with 21 year old Charles Leclerc being the realization of our development plan.

Lance Stroll is another success story, and the photo above is Jensen with Lance on Ferrari Driver Academy signing day in April 2010. Luca Baldisserri continues to guide Lance’ career.